Board of Health

A five member Board oversees the Geauga County Health District. Board of Health members are elected by the Health District Advisory Council, which is comprised of Township trustees and Mayors of cities and villages. The Board adopts its own budget, hires and fires its own staff, and operates autonomously from Geauga County. The Geauga County Auditor serves as the District's fiscal agent.

  • David Gragg
    Newbury Township
    Term expires: 2017

    Term expires: 2017
  • Denis Rubal, D.D.S.
    Munson Township
    Term expires: 2020
  • Christina Livers
    Russell Township
    Term expires: 2019
  • Timothy Goergen
    Hambden Township
    Term expires: 2018

Board of Health Appreciation - July 19, 2010

  • RichLang
  • FrankGliha
  • DrDonBowers
  • AnnMcDermott