School Environment

The Environmental Health Division inspects public and private schools to assure that schools are operated in such a way as to prevent health, sanitation and safety problems. As required by state law, inspections of public and private schools are conducted semi-annually. Inspectors look at the building structure, heating and ventilation systems, lighting, water supply, waste disposal, playground equipment, insect & rodent control, and all other sanitary conditions. Rest room and locker room facilities are checked for cleanliness of the showers, toilet fixtures and hand washing facilities. Accident prevention measures and procedures are reviewed, including a properly equipped nursing office, traffic safety, fire exits and properly maintained fire fighting equipment.

School kitchens are licensed and inspected in the food service program.

Regulations Enforced

Sections 3707.26 of the Ohio Revised Code

Please NOTE: despite the repeal of Jarod's Law, the Geauga County Health District continues to monitor the school environment under local regulations in place prior to the promulgation of Jarod's Law.